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Aubrey Gold

Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold
Aubrey Gold

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Aubrey Gold

"I have a thing for nerdy guys. It turns me on to seduce them because a lot of the time they aren't used to getting pussy thrown at them, especially from a cheerleader. So even if I just touch their shoulder or something they get hard. And them wanting me so much makes me super horny. I love to suck their cocks and bring them to the brink of cumming, then ease off and finish the job with my pussy."

Aubrey is everything you want a cheerleader to be: sexy, naughty and horny. That's why her pussy is one of the most coveted clams in class. It's with this knowledge that she so confidently seduces this nerdy guy in detention. Eager to show off her cock-sucking skills, Aubrey puts her hands on this guy's hips, urging him to thrust into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down, using her mouth like it's a pussy. Then it's time for her to use her pussy for real. She's an energetic little fuck--must be all that cheerleading practice. After bouncing up and down, her legs get a break when this guy lays her on the table to pound her twat. No matter what her position is, her brow is furrowed in pleasure during their whole fuck session. And she finishes with a nice, creamy load in her mouth.

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