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Blaire Ivory

Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
Blaire Ivory
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Blaire Ivory

The principal calls Blaire into his office to give her a message: she's the best in class! But he isn't talking about her grades so much as her tits and ass. Flattered, she lets him free her perky boobs from her sensible top. Things are getting hot and Blaire is shy yet intrigued. She stands up and allows him to rim her tight asshole. As best in class, Blaire wants to prove to him that she's ready for all the antics in college. If she can take a pounding from his huge cock, she can handle anything. Blaire moans and her titties bounce as he drills her cunny. The principal turns Blaire upside down and fucks her in the piledriver position and cums on her face. It's a proper college send-off for this grade-A student.

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