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Cassidy Ryan

Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan
Cassidy Ryan

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Cassidy Ryan

"For a while I worked part time as a tutor, and I had to deal with so many dumb jocks who just didn't care at all about studying. They wanted me to do their work for them and it was really annoying. At first I'd never give them the time of day. I'd tutor them and get the hell out of there. But then I started to wonder what it would be like to fuck an athletic guy with a hot body and possibly a big cock. I'm super tight so I knew it would be tough if they were really hung, but I couldn't drop the fantasy. So one day I decided to fuck one of the cute football players. He really gave me a mouthful...and a pussyful! His stamina was incredible and his load was the biggest I'd ever seen! After that my tutoring lessons got a whole lot more interesting."

Cassidy is a nerd who dresses like a school marm, but under those frumpy clothes and big glasses she's actually a hot-bodied teen who's ripe for the fucking. In this scene, she lets a bad-boy jock plow her slit with his girthy pole. The stud's cock fills her pussy completely, rubbing up against her inner walls and stretching them to the max, glistening with her pussy juices every time he pulls out. Not being used to taking such a hung guy, Cassidy moans and gasps while letting him take control. Watch this lil' nerd get stretched and creamed!

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