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Cece Capella

Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella
Cece Capella

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Cece Capella
Cece, we have to be honest. We can't stop staring at your tits! Are they real?
"It's okay. I'm used to having them stared at. And yes, they are real. I was blessed with an awesome natural rack. I think just about every guy who's seen them has told me they're the nicest tits they've ever seen."
Do you like to show lots of skin?
"Now I like to show some skin. I try to keep it tasteful but still a little sexy and slutty. I used to be really shy and prudish though. I was embarrassed by my chest because I would get so much attention from dumb, horny boys. The first time I had sex, I was riding the guy in cowgirl and I kept my bra on the whole time [Laughs]. I got over that, and now I embrace having a hot body and big tits. Now I usually never wear a bra since I don't really need to. My boobs are perky enough on their own."
Have you ever been with an older man?
"Yes. I had a 53-year-old sugar daddy. One time he blindfolded me and used all sorts of toys and techniques on me. I really felt everything since I couldn't see. He was amazing in bed. I've been hooked on older guys ever since. They know what they're doing!"

We get to know cute, little Cece's personality before we get to know her body. She's a giggly 18-year-old from Arizona who likes to cook, go to the mall and get on her web cam. She never wears a bra because her boobs are incredibly perky. Older men notice her, especially when she goes to a nude beach. We don't blame them. Once she takes off her shirt it's hard to notice anything else. Cece twerks for us, tells us about a foursome she was in, and then she cums for us.

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