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Jennifer Matthews aka Jennifer Bliss

Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
1Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews

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Jennifer Matthews

It's the classic scene of a nerdy chick trying to do her homework while the jocky classmate would rather study her body. With those pretty baby blues, innocent face and tartan skirt, we can't blame him. Just because Jennifer gets straight As doesn't mean she can't enjoy a big D! She hops on this guy's cock and you can practically see his rod fill and stretch her little pussy. She takes what she can of his dick; she's not exactly experienced. Then she milks his load on her face just like how she's seen in all those pornos!

"There may be cherries on my panties, but I'm no virgin! Everyone thinks that because I'm kind of nerdy and I get good grades that I'm a prude, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what is the truth? That I invite hot jocky guys over under the pretense of a study session, then I flash them my panties and fuck them. It works every time. I like being the good girl who's really naughty underneath it all. I'm trying to get all the practice I can 'cause I want to be just as good at sex as I am at school work. So in a way it's like studying...studying for sex!"

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