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Jennifer Matthews aka Jennifer Bliss

Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
1Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews

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Jennifer Matthews

"One of the hottest sex experiences I ever had was seducing one of my professors. I had the biggest crush on him and would always try to flirt, but he never took the bait. I was pretty sure that he wanted me too, but he resisted because he wanted to be professional. That only made me want him more. One day I couldn't take it anymore and I went after him after class. I was all up on him, and I felt his chubby so I knew he was turned on. He tried to be strong but I knew he was no match for me. It was such a sweet victory when he finally gave in to me, kissing me hard and grabbing my pussy. Then he fucked the shit out of me on his desk. But the moments building up to that... all the desire on my part and the restraint on his, made it such a hot fuck and one of my favorite memories."

Jennifer could not care less about whatever boring crap her teacher is talking about. She's too busy fantasizing about sucking his cock, and since she's an assertive little nerd, she makes this daydream come true. Jennifer goes up and down on his prick slowly, making sure to give his swollen head some extra lip action. Then she opens wide to let him fuck her face, much like how he's about to fuck her pussy. Leaning back on the desk, Jennifer spreads her legs and lets the professor teach her twat a lesson. And that lesson is that older cocks know how to rock teen girls' pussies. She moans and creams and her little titties jiggle before she gets on her knees to take his load in her mouth.

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