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Kristina Bell

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Kristina Bell

"My boyfriend goes to college out of state," said Kristina. "He got a great job for the summer break and didn't make it home, which pissed me off and we fought about it. But my best friend made me realize what an ass I was because he really needed the money. So she took these photos. I want him to see them in his favorite porno mag. I'm new at sex--at least with guys. My friend and I were getting lezzie way before I had my first cock. "I cum easily when she's fingering me and licking my clit. I can have three or four orgasms in a row. I cum when my guy's doing that, too, but I haven't had a single orgasm yet when we're screwing. I get really close but it doesn't happen, no matter how long he holds off cumming."

We love our metal-mouthed sweethearts around here, and Kristina is no exception. She has the face of an angel but a pussy that's ready to sin. She strips for us while flashing that silver smile and buries her fingers deep in her cleft. She even gets a finger in her butt! Kristina is 5'3", weighs 100 lbs and is originally from Arizona but now lives in California. She's a newbie to modeling and to sex. "There's still a lot I haven't tried. I've only had one orgasm ever, but I'm trying to change that!" We think we might be able to help Kristina out with that. Stay tuned!

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